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  • Coerver MI Preparing for Gothia cup - World Youth Cup

    Coerver MI performance Academy players are currently preparing to play in the Gothia Cup in Sweden - the World Youth Cup. Players have been selected to repre...

  • FIFA Recognizes Coerver


  • Coerver/Legacy Center Partnership

    The Legacy Center and Coever Michigan are proud to announce an exclusive partnership to the benefit of ambitious soccer players. The Legacy Center and Coerve...


About Coerver Coaching

Coerver® Coaching is a global football coaching programme inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke.
Highlights since 1984:
8 TV series in 8 languagesVideos, DVD’s and books in 12 languages
1.5 million kids and coaches have attended Coerver® Coaching camps/clinics.
adidas® partner for 20 years
Coerver® Coaching is:
A football skills teaching method suited for all ages but especially for players aged 5-16 years old of all abilitie...
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